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GrowthRing & Supply (G.R.S) - Project Rising, Drop 3 is a striking follow up to the previous silhouette, Sukajan jacket, which was sold out in a few days after its launch. Building on this garnered attention, Drop 3 will be carrying over the core theme - “Kowloon Walled City” and collaborating with the eminent Japan based collage artist Kosuke Kawamura, who is known for his AKIRA ART WALL Project in Parco Museum Tokyo, Shibuya. Through Kawamura’s well-known collage creation - the transformation and reconstruction of printed-paper shredder, the ever-mysterious saga of Kowloon Walled City can be pronounced once again; but this time, with a futuristic approach.

The Kawamura’s collaged Kowloon Walled City graphic is printed across the front and back of the bowling shirt by using the allover print method. The artistic collage style creates a strong 3D effects that further exudes an aura of old Hong Kong nostalgia.


GrowthRing & Supply Project Rising Drop 03は、イギリス領時代の代表である九龍城をテーマにししている。スカジャンはGRSのアイテムでも人気で、前回は3日間で完売した実績を持つ。今回は渋谷PARCO MUSEUM TOKYOで「AKIRA(アキラ)ART WALL」を構築した人気コラージュアーティストの河村康輔氏(Kosuke Kawamura)とコラボし、斬新なコラージュアートで九龍城の異世界に迷い込んでしまったような混濁と暗がりの雰囲気を再現している。河村氏が独自のスタイルで未来感のある九龍城コラージュアアートを作り上げました。


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