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Faded Washed Hand Quilted “Kowloon City” Cap / Faded Beige

Faded Washed Hand Quilted “Kowloon City” Cap / Faded Beige

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“Old is gold, but past never be hold.”

As time passes, the beautiful era fades like a blurry photograph, gradually becoming indistinct. Those once brilliant and dazzling moments have now turned into a faint memory. The power of time ruthlessly fades away the colors of the past. However, it is precisely these gradually fleeting shining years that make up the unique imprint of our lives. Let us cherish these faded beautiful memories and continue to strive, courageously embracing new challenges, so that today's time can shine with even more brilliance. Because in the fading process, we find growth and discover our true selves.

The series also includes a new colorway of the "Kowloon" and "Kowloon City" Fade Washed Hand Quilted Cap.

Adjustable: 56cm - 60cm

*Limited to 100 pieces
*Estimated delivery is placed in Early-July, 2023



シリーズには、新色の「九龍」と「Kowloon City」のFade Washed Hand Quilted Capも含まれています。

Adjustable: 56cm - 60cm


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