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Faded Washed S/S Pocket Big Tee / Faded Sand

Faded Washed S/S Pocket Big Tee / Faded Sand

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Rooted and originated from HK, GrowthRing & Supply (GRS) is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and a unique aesthetic that combines traditional and modern elements. After a number of special product drops in collaboration with artists from different disciplines, this summer, GRS launches its first essential wear collection with the theme of “Faded”.

Kenji Wong, the founder of GRS takes inspiration from his favourite classic cars and vintage furniture, recreates the fading colors and patina usually developed on vintage items over years in the daily wear items such as S/S Pocket Big Shirt, S/S Pocket Big Tee and 6-panel caps, to commemorate the fading legacies of our favourite city.

*100% washed with unique finishing

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