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GRS X VANS Pixiu Overprint Shirt

GRS X VANS Pixiu Overprint Shirt

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GRS brand has collaborated with Vans this year to launch a limited-edition collaborative fashion collection, following our previous collaborations with artists from different creative fields such as Kosuke Kawamura and Daido Moriyama. Drawing inspiration from the concepts of "Faded" and "Boundless," the collaboration has resulted in a series of unique pieces.

The collaborative collection features items such as the Sun Faded Hand Stencil Heavy Washed Tee and Hand Quilted Cap. Additionally, the brand is introducing the Work Coat and Work Pants, which are the first-ever pieces hand-sprayed.

GRS has also enlisted the collaboration of Taiwanese tattoo artist YALE (Chinese name: 楷楷), who has created a pair of Pixiu for the Photo Overprint Shirt & Shorts in this collection.

The Pixiu pair designed by YALE for this collaboration retains the traditional features of Pixiu, including wings and horns. The Pixiu's appearance does not have a clearly defined animal form but is based on the Japanese traditional concept of Karajishi (Chinese guardian lion). According to folklore, a pair of Pixiu—one male and one female—represent wealth and treasure respectively, and together, they are believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil. In Taiwanese belief and culture, Pixiu is a popular mythical creature associated with wealth attraction, warding off negative energy, and bringing good luck.

GRS once again highlights its design philosophy that values the mix of cultures by collaborating with diverse creative units, resulting in this unique collaborative collection.

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