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GRS x WMT Cabochon Chinese Date Type 1979 Faded Dial Dragon Edition

GRS x WMT Cabochon Chinese Date Type 1979 Faded Dial Dragon Edition

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*Estimated delivery is placed in mid-July, 2023

“Old is gold, but past never be hold.”

As time passes, the beautiful era fades like a blurry photograph, gradually becoming indistinct. Those once brilliant and dazzling moments have now turned into a faint memory. The power of time ruthlessly fades away the colors of the past. However, it is precisely these gradually fleeting shining years that make up the unique imprint of our lives. Let us cherish these faded beautiful memories and continue to strive, courageously embracing new challenges, so that today's time can shine with even more brilliance. Because in the fading process, we find growth and discover our true selves.

The latest collaboration with WMT features the "Chinese Date Type 1979 Faded Dial Dragon Edition," which boasts a handcrafted dial that showcases the effect of aging over time, ensuring that each piece is unique. It comes with a gold bracelet and on top can purchase an extra Two Tone leather strap, each piece is engraved with a limited edition number on the back. The series also includes a new colorway of the "Kowloon" and "Kowloon City" Fade Washed Hand Quilted Cap.

Movement | Automatic ( Miyota ) 8215
Case Material | 316L Stainless Steel
Case diameter | 36.0mm
Case Length | 43.7mm
Case Thickness | 13.0mm
Case Finishing Polish | Brush finishing
Case Back | Stainless steel, screw down
Strap Material | Metal Bracelet
Strap Size | 20 mm
Glass | Double domed | Acrylic Crystal
Water Resistance | 10 ATM

*Limited to 100pieces with individual number engraved
*Estimated delivery is placed in mid-July, 2023


WMTとのコラボレーション最新作、「Chinese Date Type 1979 Faded Dial Dragon Edition」は、手作業で制作された文字盤が、時間の経過による経年旧化の効果を表現し、それぞれユニークな仕上がりとなっています。金色のブレスレットとTwo Toneのレザーストラップが付属し、背面には限定版ナンバーが刻印されています。シリーズには、新色の「九龍」と「Kowloon City」のFade Washed Hand Quilted Capも含まれています。

ムーブメント 自動(Miyota)8215
ケース材料 316L ステンレススチール
ケース直径 36.0mm
ケース長さ 43.7mm
ケース厚み 13.0mm
ケース仕上げ ブラシ/ポリッシュ
ケース裏 ステンレススチール, スクリューダウン
ストラップ材料 ステンレススチール
ストラップサイズ 20 mm
ガラス ダブルドーム/アクリルプラスチック
耐水性 10 ATM

*海外発送対応 2023年7月中旬にお届け予定です。

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