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Mud Dyeing Heavy Weight Hoodie

Mud Dyeing Heavy Weight Hoodie

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Discover the uniqueness
[Mud Dye Series] 

Where we strive for a distinct texture.
Our team tirelessly Develops traditional dyeing and craftsmanship techniques. Each product, after mud dyeing, showcases a unique color effect, ensuring that every recipient receives something truly one-of-a-kind.

The Process of Mud Dye
Mud dyeing is a traditional dyeing technique that involves using wild yam plants and mud to dye textiles, giving them unique colors and textures.

Boiling the clothes
First, the clothes to be dyed are heated to dissolve the sericin in the fabric, allowing better absorption of the dye.

Soaking and drying
The wild yam dye is prepared and the clothes are soaked in the yam liquid. To ensure even and thorough absorption of the dye, the clothes are manually stomped or beaten. After soaking, the clothes are dried in the sun at temperatures above 35°C. This step helps the dye penetrate and fix further into the fabric. If the color saturation is not sufficient, the process is repeated until the desired shade is achieved.

Mudding is an important step in the mud dyeing process. High-iron river mud is selected to ensure sufficient chemical reaction with the tannic acid in the yam liquid. Before mudding, the impurities in the river mud are filtered to ensure the purity of the dye. The mudding step is repeated to increase the saturation and depth of the dye.

Sealing, fixing agent, and sand washing
The dyed clothes are soaked in specific sealing solution, followed by the addition of a fixing agent to ensure the durability of the dye. Then, sand washing is performed to remove excess dye and impurities. Finally, the clothes are subjected to high-temperature treatment once again to further fix the dye.

After months of the mud dyeing process, each product in the series exhibits different shades and textures.

*Limited stock to 100 pieces 
*Each order limited to purchasing only one piece
*Due to the need to produce mud-dyed products based on weather or timing, this series will only be available for immediate purchase. Restocking and pre-orders are currently not available.

Discover the uniqueness
[Mud Dye Series] 


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