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Sun Faded Kowloon Lightweight Zip-up Hoodie / Pastel Beige

Sun Faded Kowloon Lightweight Zip-up Hoodie / Pastel Beige

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Gear for all seasons

The new colorway of Kowloon Lightweight series for the current quarter, featuring a lightweight and wide-cut design with an open chest. Designed for travel, work, various sports activities. Our signature Sun Faded washing process ensures that each piece has a unique color fade effect.

Our Faded series products are inspired by the factory colors chart of vintage porsche. The name “Pastel Beige” is derived from the 1985 Porsche 928, which is one of the iconic factory colors.

**Pre-Order Limited to 50 pieces.
**Estimated stock will arrive by End December, 2023.

新しい季節の「九龍Lightweightシリーズ」を紹介します。軽量で胸開きカットデザインが特徴。このシリーズは、旅行、仕事、スポーツなど幅広い環境に適用です。当社独自のSun Faded洗濯技術により、各製品にそれぞれ個性的な色落ちが表現しています。




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